Evening Activities Near Green River

Just here for the night? No problem! Swasey's Beach or Crystal Geyser are less than 20 minutes away and are optimal sunset viewing locations. Make a fire on the beach or marvel at the colors of the travertine created by Green River's unique cold-water geyser.

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Swasey's Beach

Laze about on the sand or finish your day with a campfire and spectacular sunset at Swasey’s Beach. North of Green River, this white sand beach shaded by cottonwood trees spans a bend in the river along the edge of the Book Cliffs. Shallow water gives children plenty of opportunity to frolic, and bighorn sheep frequent the water’s edge. From Skyfall, head east on Main Street, then turn left on Hastings Road and follow it all the way to the beach parking area.

From Green River: 17 minutes, 10 miles to the beach


Crystal Geyser

One of a handful of cold-water geysers in the entire world, the Crystal Geyser draws sightseers for its vigorous eruptions and for the brilliant orange travertine formations the mineral-rich water creates. This is a great sunset spot.

From Green River: 18 minutes, 8.3 miles to the geyser