Family Fun and Leisurely Exploration

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Goblin Valley State Park

The otherworldly landscape of Goblin Valley State Park was created by years of wind and water erosion wearing away goblin-like “hoodoo” formations out of the sandstone. Visitors can freely wander among the ghoulish and goofy natural sculptures and seek out secret caves and nooks within the rock.

50 minutes, 50 miles to the park entrance

Little Wild Horse Canyon

For adventures for all ages and skill levels, head to Little Wild Horse Canyon, one of the most spectacular and easily accessible slot canyons in Utah. The committed can finish the whole Little Wild Horse-Bell Canyon loop (about 8 miles), but those content with less can hike as far as they like and then return the way they came.

1 hr 10 minutes, 54.7 miles to the trailhead

Eye of Sinbad

For a short, easy hike (3 miles roundtrip) over slickrock, the Eye of Sinbad offers a unique and surprising destination—a hollowed slickrock chamber complete with natural oculus that frames the sky above. After turning on to Goblin Valley Road from Temple Mountain Road, look for a dirt road heading west after about 0.3 miles. Drive down this road 0.25 miles to a dirt parking area and follow the trail to the slickrock. You can see the cave to the west from the parking area.

44 minutes, 44 miles to the trailhead



Yoga in the Wild

Looking for a restorative experience in the wondrous landscapes of canyon country? Get in the Wild Adventures offers wilderness yoga excursions that combine the perfect balance of invigorating hiking and rejuvenating yoga practice. 

50 minutes, 50 miles to Goblin Valley State Park

Ding and Dang Canyons

Those looking for a more adventurous slot canyon experience can drive one mile past Little Wild Horse to Ding and Dang Canyons. This five mile loop provides some more intense scrambling and climbing than Little Wild Horse, but doesn’t require technical skills or gear.

1 hour 15 minutes, 56 miles to the trailhead

Rappelling in Goblin Valley

If you’re looking for a true canyoneering experience, get in touch with Get in the Wild Adventures who host technical canyoneering trips in Goblin Valley’s Chamber of the Basilisk and Robbers Roost. Learn how to rappel and access otherwise forbidden canyon treasures.

50 minutes, 50 miles to the park entrance